Monday, September 19, 2011

Oh, What a Night!

Last Friday's show, Contrasts - Studies in Black and White, was spectacular! Thanks to all that joined us, and for those who missed, well, you'll have to live vicariously through the photos! Special thanks to guest artist Georgette Pressler of Devious Body Art, who transformed Gallery artist Maria Hayden's black and white sculptural figure to LIFE, painting a model in the Gallery. The finished work was simply stunning. Thanks also to Too Jay's Gourmet Deli for their generous donation of delicious black and white cookies.

Gallery artists Karen McGovern, Maria Hayden, Tracy Rosof-Petersen and Kathleen Kirschner transformed the Gallery into a black and white haven, full of beautiful art and furnishings. The show will run until Thursday, October 6th, so stop by if you have the chance.

In the meantime, enjoy this slide show of photos, and please stay tuned for news of our upcoming events. The next show is Friday, October 7. All I'll say now is that it's going to be HOT!!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Written in Black and White...

Summer has FLOWN by, and now we prepare for Fall. It may not feel it, but the season's are about to change! The Gallery calendar is really heating up, even as the temps will be cooling off. Next on the agenda is "Contrasts - Studies in Black and White". Simply put, you don't want to miss this show! We invite all guests to come dressed in your very best black and white outfits and accessories. The more outrageous the better.

Award winning artistGeorgette Pressler of Devious Body Art will be joining us, painting a model live. She is transforming her model into a living sculpture--patterned after Maria Hayden's amazing black and white torso sculpture that will be on display. A great opportunity to see why body art is one of the most explosive and popular arts events! Gallery artist Karen McGovern is hosting the event, and has created a series of mixed media jewelry in black and white for the show. Other Gallery artists creating works specific to this show include Mary Catello and Teri Salomoni, Norman Gitzen, Betty Wilson, Madeline Gallo and Linda Manganaro. The Gallery will be filled with amazing works in all mediums, all in black or white.

So, come out on Friday, September 16th at 6:00 PM for a wonderful live art event! AND, some good treats as well. TooJays Gourmet Deli of Lake Worth will be helping out with their delicious black and white cookies. We'll have some yummy cheeses and wines to sip as well. See you next Friday at 6:00....