Friday, July 23, 2010

Gallery on Tape!

Travel videographer David Rush stopped by our Gallery not too long ago and interviewed a few of our artists. Click here for the full video. Thanks, David!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

What a Great Night!!

"Figuratively Speaking" was a fantastic success! Thanks to all who joined us last night, especially guest artists Claudia Jane Klein and Georgette Pressler. Claudia debuted her sculpture, the Wheel, which will reside outside the Gallery for the next 90 days as part of our new "Revolving Art" program. Georgette, of Devious Body Art, created an amazing work of living art by body painting a goregous model. Really spectacular!

Gallery artist Marsha Christo created hand-cut prints she applied live to anyone wearing light colored clothing who wanted an instant work of oringinal, wearable art. Many guests enjoyed not only the finished print, but the free hug that came with the process!

More events on the way so stay tuned!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Revolving Art - The Wheel

Next time you visit the Gallery you will notice a big change out front. Our usual greeter, Norm Gitzen's "Siren", has retired to the interior of the Gallery and a new, amazing sculpture has taken her place. Claudia Jane Klein is an extremely talented welder, artist and all around metal magician. Her sculpture is a surreal take on a classic yoga pose (fits well with our neighbors, Soma Studio). The sculpture is just gorgeous and is the start of what we are calling a "Revolving Art" exhibit in front of the Gallery. We are inviting artists from all around the area to exhibit large works in front of the Gallery on a rotating basis. Each piece will be on display for 60-90 days. We encourage any interested artists to contact us and submit photos of their work for consideration.

Monday, July 12, 2010


Whew! This Friday, July 16th, is going to be AMAZING in the Gallery. First, the entire Avenue will be celebrating the 4th of July (because we got rained out on the 4th!!), so there will be tons of excitement and activity on the Avenue. AND, the Gallery is celebrating the human form in art with "Figuratively Speaking". Guest artist Georgette Pressler of Devious Body Art will be joining us as well. Georgette is an award winning artist, and will be painting Gallery supporter Maria Cole during the event. This will be so cool!! PLUS, Gallery artists Marsha Christo and Tracy Rosof-Petersen will be block-printing directly on your clothes, so were a solid, light color and become a living part of the art show!

Bottom line, you just don't want to miss this. Call the Gallery for more information, 561-588-8344. See you Friday!!!