Monday, October 25, 2010

Rev Them Engines!

Get your leather jackets ready and be at the Gallery on Friday November 5 for "Hot Bikes - Cold Beer"! This event will be featuring the motorcycle-inspired art of Gallery artist Joe Dwzill. Not only will motorcycle art be on display, we will also have a custom bike in the Gallery, courtesy of Harely Davidson of Palm Beach! We invite all our biker buddies to ride to the Gallery for a cold beer and some great, original art. We have tons of custom mugs available for purchase in the Gallery, pick one out and pour yourself a frosty one! See you at 6:00!


Saturday, November 6, the Gallery will be part of the FIRST EVER Palm Beach Art and Music Festival, hosted by Art Nouveau Events. We will have a tent there, full of amazing hand-made original art from the Gallery. There will be tons of artists, vendors, music, performances, body painting, food, drink, and general mayhem all around! This will be so fun, and we are thrilled to be a part of this innagural event. Click on the image below for more information.

It's going to be a BUSY weekend!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Theatre of the Absurd was Absurdly FABULOUS!

What a great night! Thanks to all that joined us for our "unusual" art show--we had so much fun! First, thanks to Gallery artist Betty Wilson for the amazing spread of delicous treats. We ate like Kings and Queens! Special guests Georgette Pressler of Devious Body Art and Ryan David of Kiss My Glass really stole the show last night. Georgette painted a guest model, transforming him into our Ring Master for the night. Ryan worked hot glass out front, drawing quite a crowd as he melted and formed glass in a torch. Thank you Georgette and Ryan!
We had a great crowd, all enjoying the art and artists on display. A great night on the Avenue! More events on the way, so keep tuned and don't miss a thing!!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Out Side the Box...

This Friday will be a very unusual and amazing night at the Gallery. "Theatre of the Absurd - Beauty in Uncommon Forms" is all about alternative, mixed media, and "steampunk" art. The works of Gallery artists Linda and Kelly Dean Manganaro, Betty Wilson, Amelia Costa, Victoria Rose Martin and Karen McGovern will be featured. These artists create truly unique art from found objects, mixed metals, clay and glass. Three dimensional creations of truly uncommon beauty. Victoria is known for her whimsical and sometimes dark ceramic figures, often in costume. Karen creates dramatic jewelry, often using antique elements such as German doll bodies and optic lenses. Her pieces are narrative, and many come with an original short story inspired by elements in the design. Linda and her Husband Kelly create unbelievable furniture, installations and figures from all manner of material, antiquities and found objects. Betty is well known for her abstract glass creations, and amazing interpretive sculptures. Amelia blends text with clay to create scenes, figures and scenarios filled with meaning.

Special guest artist Georgette Pressler of Devious Body Art will use the human form as canvas, painting live in the Gallery. Her work is simply stunning. David Ryan of Kiss My Glass joins us out front, working with glass in flame to create all manner of amazing designs.

Simply put, you CANNOT MISS THIS SHOW! See you at 6:00!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Thanks to all that joined us last night for "Rage - Freedom of Expression". The Gallery was full, the art was amazing and the front of the Gallery was really spectacular. Gallery artists Joe Dwzill, Betty Wilson, and Joyce Brown created an amazing installation representing the BP oil disaster in the Gulf. An oil derrik featuring blood soaked dollar signs pumped oil over a destroyed beach. Turtle eggs lay broken in the sand, with hands reaching in supplication toward the sky. Gallery artist Norm Gitzen's famous "Siren" stood blindfolded and bound, helpless. New Gallery artist Yure posed an amazing bronze dinosaur over the scene, representing fossil fuels. A gripping and truly expressive installation!

The "Raging Grannies" also joined us, lending their voice in song to our concerns about the environment. What a great group of motivated, outspoken women! More photos to come soon....

Stay tuned, many more exciting events just around the corner!