Friday, April 29, 2011

Creating a Mermaid....From Cans!

Never let it be said that the Gallery is ever idle...To celebrate the Grand Opening of Lake Worth's brand new Publix Supermarket, Gallery artist Mary Ellen Dohrs was recruited to create a giant mermaid in the front of the Gallery made entirely of canned goods from Publix! Mary Ellen is an extraordinary sculptor and artist, and also an engineer, perfect for the job. Beginning on Monday, Gallery artists gathered to construct the mermaid under Mary Ellen's direction. The finished result is amazing! Be sure to stop by the Gallery to see her in all her canned wonder.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

We're Turning Two!

On Friday, May 6, the Gallery be celebrating our second anniversary on Lake Avenue with champagne, mimosas and a spectacular butterfly release! Please come join us, bring your kids and your cameras! CGMS Gallery is so proud to be a part of the Lake Worth community, and we want to show our appreciation with this celebration. Come see the butterflies take flight!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Peeps A Plenty!

When we asked our Gallery artists to create 3-D art using marshmallow Peeps, we expected some fun, silly works. What we got is simply extraordinary! The slideshow below features photographs taken by Durga Garcia of the Peeps Show exhibit currently being shown in the Gallery. You simply must stop by to see this in person! Peeps at the beach, Peeps dancing, Peeps on Safari, Sgt. Peepers Lonely Heart's Club Band, and so much more! Come by tonight for lemonade and Peeps, bring your kids, and have a good giggle. The show will be up until Sunday, April 24.

Special thanks to Frank Cerabino and the Palm Beach Post for covering the show!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Empty Bowls Raise Big Bucks!

On Saturday, April 9, the streets of Lake Worth swarmed with 200 hungry donors, all participants in this year’s Haitian Empty Bowl Fundraiser. The funds raised were for the Art Creation Foundation for Children in Jacmel Haiti. On Monday, April 18, at a check signing ceremony at Clay Glass Metal Stone Gallery of Downtown Lake Worth, a check for $3200 was turned over to Judy Hoffman, representative of the foundation. Also present at the ceremony were Mayor Rene Varela, Gail Pasternack, and Joyce Brown who presented the check to the foundation. Photographer Durga Garcia recorded the event.

On April 9, over 200 visitors stopped into the Clay Glass Metal Stone, picked up hand made bowls donated by dozens of Palm Beach County artists, and began a feeding frenzy throughout the downtown Lake Worth restaurant district. Visitors began lining up for their bowls at 8:00 AM. The event began at 10AM. Favorite bowls of all shapes and sizes were chosen. From 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM hundreds of folks criss-crossed the streets over-stuffing themselves with some of the most delicious foods Palm Beach County has to offer. The three participating Pizza restaurants, Rotelli’s, Downtown Pizza and My Spot Pizza on Federal Highway evoked mass discussion on which was the best Pizza in town. La Bonne Bouche served large portions of potent Rum Cake while next door the Cottage set up a buffet with a variety of salads and pasta. Over on Lake Avenue folks zigzagged down the corridor from Fionentio’s to Dave’s Last Resort to Brogue’s Irish Bar feasting on spicy sausage and pasta dishes, corn and shrimp chowder and Italian specialties. After a break to allow the food to settle they progressed on to Dolce Vita where wine samplings and chocolate were the order of the day and the Rum Shack for a pasta offering. On to the Java Juice Bar and Nature’s Way CafĂ© for smoothies. Heading East they stopped at Paws on the Avenue to pick up treats for their cats and dogs. Kilwin’s offered delicious ice cream and chocolate treats, Too Jays, cookies and Rita’s, Italian Ice, a refreshing cold treat on a hot day. Across the street in the Cultural Plaza the Taco Lady filled the bowls with a variety of Tex-Mex goodies.

Potters and Clay artists throughout Palm Beach County contributed over 300 bowls to the event. Gail Pasternack topped the list creating over sixty bowls. In addition, thirty of her closest friends participated in the event. Tracy Rosof-Petersen and John McCoy made thirty bowls each for the fundraiser and members of the Palm Beach Ceramic League collectively brought in over fifty.

Representing the city of Lake Worth, Mayor Rene Varela joined the celebration as the funds raised were turned over to Judy Hoffman, representative of the Art Creation Foundation for the children of Jacmel Haiti. The children range in age from six to sixteen years and are the subject of a Nick News documentary with Linda Ellerbee, "Haiti Rising? Life in the Ruins. What's it like to be a kid in Haiti, a year after a devastating earthquake? ” The children are learning to become self-sustaining and to live cooperatively within their community through their participation in the creation of art.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Wonderful Celebration of our EARTH!

Thanks to all that attended this past Friday's "Earth/Bowl ~ Sky/Basket" Gallery opening. It was a lovely evening, with representatives from Palm Beach County Reef Rescue, and guest pianist Nino DiSilva. We had a great time!

Now, get ready for a really FUN event next weekend. With Easter right around the corner, we decided to host a "Peeps Show" Friday, April 22 through Sunday, April 24. Gallery artists, and other local artists, have created 3-dimensional works of art using marshmallow Peeps! The works will be displayed in the front of the Gallery, including a special Peeps presentation with Norm Gitzen's famous "Siren" mermaid sculpture outside. Please stop by over the weekend to marvel at these silly, creative creations! Oh, and we will be serving the iconic marshmallow candy as well...Prepare to PEEP!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Spirit of the Earth!

First, thanks so much to all of you that came out for Saturday's Empty Bowl Fundraiser for Haiti. The bowls were lovely, and the food delicious! A round of applause for all the Lake Worth restaurants that generously donated scrumptious guys rock! While we're at it, thanks to the artists that donated the hand-made bowls. Every year these bowls are donated FOR FREE to the Gallery, each made by a local artist. Gorgeous works by generous artists...

Also, a HUGE thank you to Gallery Director, Joyce Brown, for her tireless efforts to coordinate this event. Joyce is the driving force behind CGMSG, and we could not continue without her. THANKS JOYCE!!!!

Now, on to the next event. This Friday, April 15th, we will be celebrating our planet with "Earth/Bowl ~ Sky/Basket". This is a Native American title, refering to the Earth as a bowl and the sky as a basket. Gallery aritst Tracy Rosof-Petersen is spearheading this event, and her Native American-inspired pottery will be on display, along with other nature-inspired works from Gallery artists. We will also be welcoming representatives from Palm Beach County Reef Rescue, a great organization dedicated to preserving our fragile ocean reefs. Musical guest Nino DeSilva will be performing, so please come support our Mother Earth! See you at 6:00...

Monday, April 4, 2011

Better Be HUNGRY!!!

This Saturday, April 9th, will be the second annual Empty Bowl Fundraiser for Haiti! Come to the Gallery and purchase hand-made bowls, then wander Lake Worth sampling delicious foods offered by participating restaurants. This year's event promises to be even more delicious than last year! All the bowls are created by local artits and donated to the Gallery. The bowls are $25.00 each if purchased before April 9, $30.00 each the day of the event. All sales proceeds will be benefit the children of Jacmel, Haiti through the Art Creation Foundation for Children.

This year's restaurants include: Rita's Italian Ice; TooJay's Gourmet Deli; Havana Hideout; Kilwin's Chocolates; La Bonne Bouche; The Cottage; Nature's Way Cafe'; Paws on the Avenue (pet treats); The Taco Lady; Java Juice Bar; Lake Worth Rum Shack; Downtown Pizza; La Doce Vita; The Pelican; Brougues on the Avenue; Dave's Last Resort and Raw Bar; Rotelli's Pizza; and Fiorentina.

You don't want to miss this delicious event! Get your bowls this week to save $10.00, then pick them up Saturday between 10:00 AM and 4:00 PM. You'd better come early, the bowls are distributed on a first come, first serve basis. See you Saturday and get HUNGRY!!