Friday, April 22, 2011

Peeps A Plenty!

When we asked our Gallery artists to create 3-D art using marshmallow Peeps, we expected some fun, silly works. What we got is simply extraordinary! The slideshow below features photographs taken by Durga Garcia of the Peeps Show exhibit currently being shown in the Gallery. You simply must stop by to see this in person! Peeps at the beach, Peeps dancing, Peeps on Safari, Sgt. Peepers Lonely Heart's Club Band, and so much more! Come by tonight for lemonade and Peeps, bring your kids, and have a good giggle. The show will be up until Sunday, April 24.

Special thanks to Frank Cerabino and the Palm Beach Post for covering the show!

1 comment:

  1. What a great show! Even for those who were not fortunate enough to see the show have delighted in my rehashing of the show to them. I shared my experience as I taught my aquatic aerobics class this morning today. They got such a kick out of it! Everyone has just had a ball knowing that such an exhibit came to be! Bravo Clay, Glass, Metal and Stone Gallery! And thanks for all the candy and lemonade! I'm still buzz, buzz, buzzzzzing....