Friday, November 13, 2009

'Tis the Season...

Even though we haven't carved the turkey yet, and we still have left-over Halloween candy, it is never too early to begin shopping for the Holidays. As you wade through endless advertisements for "Door Buster" Holiday Sales and "Black Friday" Super-Specials, remember this--gifts given with thought and care mean so much more than grabbing something on sale at a Mega Mall or SuperCenter. Handmade gifts are especially meaningful in many ways. Giving a handmade gift guarantees originality and quality. Buying handmade supports the Arts and the artists themselves. Buying from local artists also supports local economies, not some gigantic factory overseas. So, before you purchase a mass-produced item simply because it is on sale, consider visiting your local artists cooperative, or shopping online for handmade goods. You will feel so much better about your purchase, and I can guarantee that whomever gets the gift will be far happier as well!

That being said, Holiday shopping can still be challenging, especially when you are buying for individuals of different ethnicities and faiths. Don't despair! When you visit CGMS Gallery you will find amazing multi-cultural gift ideas from hand-sculpted menorahs to beautiful jewelry representing many beliefs. Don't forget to ask about custom items as well. Many of our artists create custom designs upon request, so you can specifically design the perfect gift.

So, show how much you really care this season, and buy handmade for the Holidays!!

Below are images of great Holiday gift ideas, created by our talented Gallery of Artists. Come in for more details...


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