Monday, December 7, 2009

The BARE Facts...

Just caught this today on Jose Laimiet's "Page 2 Live" blog....THANKS JOSE!!

Remember the old Expose Yourself to Art poster?


Well, a group of local artists have taken that a step further. They’re exposing themselves for their art, Calendar Girls-style.

Twelve artists from Lake Worth’s Clay Glass Metal Stone co-op gallery have posed nude for a 2010 calendar with, or next to, their art. The calendar, says photographer Durga Garcia, a curator at the new Palm Beach Photographic Center in downtown West Palm Beach, is supposed to “get the word out” about relatively unknown artists.

Miss December is Sally Siegel, a glass artist from Jupiter who looks great at 82. Patricia Peters is a shapely sculptor whose body mirrors those of her bronze work, and she is Miss May. And West Palm’s Betty Wilson, also a glass artist, is Miss July as a siren in the drink with her art pieces.

There are dudes, too, and one couple. “No one is really a professional model, but they all are beautiful people,” Garcia said. Garcia made sure to cover the men and women just so. We’re all artists,” Garcia said, “so no one is really that self conscious. They’re covered in the pictures but we all got naked at some point. The only one who walked away is a man who is also a professor at Florida Atlantic University. Everything else went well and now other artists want in for next year.”

Garcia says 1,000 calendars were printed. They’re for sale at the gallery, on Lake Avenue.

Check out some of the photos:

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