Thursday, April 29, 2010

Tree Huggers of Lake Worth...UNITE!

Clay Glass Metal Stone Gallery is filled with an endless variety of unique art, and unique artists. You may know Gael and Howard Silverblatt for their wonderful cloisonne jewelry, but did you also know that Gael is also in charge of the Lake Worth Tree Board's annual tree giveaway?

The 3rd Annual Shade Tree Give-Away is coming back to Lake Worth on Saturday, May 1st from 8:30 a.m. till noon at the Lake Worth City Hall parking lot located at 7 North Dixie Highway.

The Tree Board will be giving away 400 Native trees to residents living within the city limits with zip codes of 33460 and 33461. One per household with proof of residency required (like a current utility bill or a driver’s license). Those residents who rent property will have to show a note of approval from their landlords to receive a free tree. There may be help available to transport and plant the trees if needed.

The mostly native trees are 5-6 feet tall when planted. There are 16 different types of trees including Gumbo Limbo, Live Oak, Buttonwood, Mahogany, Lancewood, Stoppers, Sea Grape and Paradise Trees.

The City Commission set a goal to plant 10,000 trees by 2013 the 100th Year Anniversary of the program. Since setting this goal, the City Tree Board has given away 2000 trees.

The Tree Canopy Restoration Fund provides the funding for the trees, which is used for the planting of the tree canopy coverage in Lake Worth. The trees were purchased from Ameliascapes Garden Center, a new business opening in August at 1515 North Dixie Highway in Lake Worth.

So, be sure to get your tree this weekend (say hello to Gael!) and do the planet a big favor by planting and re-greening Lake Worth!

Gael Silverblatt, the Queen of Trees!

Artwork by Tim McGow

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