Monday, January 17, 2011


Art is an amazing force, affecting us on many levels. Art also affects our senses, and not just visually. Sure, we see and appreciate art, but what about the other senses? Sculptures and hand-made fabrics beg to be touched, we hear music and feel joy, sorrow, and movement. Food is art, joy for our sense of taste. And fragrance affects us deeply through scent. Join us this Friday, Jan 21, as we explore how art affects all our senses. Special guest Eva Sjodin of Circle of Life Holistics will bring aromatherapy to the gallery, discussing how scent can enrich our lives. Sara Lerner and Mary Ellen Dohrs will be presenting fine porcelain and sculpture full of texture and visual delight. Come immerse your senses in ART! See you at 6:00....

UPDATE!!! Barbara the Tea Specialist will also be joining us for an organic three tea tasting! Brewing the perfect cup of tea is a true art form, and Barbara has mastered this perfectly. From the Orchid Tea Room, Barbara prepares and blends the finest organic teas to tantelize your sense of taste and smell. Come immerse yourself in a true sensory experience!!

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