Friday, September 7, 2012

Summers End...Eventually!

Time is FLYING!  Summer is almost over, but you'd never know it from our hot and steamy Florida weather.  We just said a loud goodbye to hurrican Isaac, a wet event that dumped over a foot of rain in south Florida.  Flooded streets for days, what a mess!  We long for the end of hurricane season and the pleasures of the dry season.  Cooler temps, less rain.  Counting the days!
In the meantime, we're busy as ever in the Gallery.  There is a new structure in place for new artists interested in showing at CGMSG.  Local artists can now rent smaller spaces within the Gallery (we call them "shelves") for $50.00 per month.  A great way to get your work out on display and in the hands of BUYERS!!!  If you are interested, contact Gallery director Joyce Brown at 561-588-8344.  We are always looking for new artists to join us, so please stop by for more information!
We are also hosting independant shows that feature art in all mediums.  The shows are curated and run by Betty Wilson and Linda Manganaro of the Craft Gallery.  Betty has already put together two fantastic shows over the summer, with more planned for the fall.  If you are interested in participating, please contact Betty at 561-585-7744.  These shows are open to all artists, all mediums.  We'll be updating our calendar as soon as the next show is scheduled!
Tonight we celebrate AMERICAN art and artists with our Labor Day Art Show, "Made in America".  This will be a fun night featuring an old-fashioned picnic atmosphere complete with soap-box speeches by local labor leaders and a sing-along with PinkSlip.  So, come show your appreciation for local art and artisans!!!  See you at 6:00...

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